The PRC History Review


The PRC History Review

Volume 6  Number 2  March 2021
 PRC History Roundtable 
Brian DeMare, Land Wars. The Story of China’s Agrarian Revolution (Stanford University Press, 2019)



Editor’s Introduction

Aminda M. Smith, Michigan State University

Mao’s Village Battalions

Jane Hayward, King’s College, London

Revolution and its Narrative Battlefronts

Harlan Chambers, Columbia University

The Making of a Hurricane

Denise Y. Ho, Yale University

The Agrarian Roots of State Power in the PRC: A Review of DeMare’s Land Wars

Christopher Isett, University of Minnesota 

Land Revolution Between Romance and Reality

Y. Yvon Wang, University of Toronto

Response: Land Reform Educated Me

Brian DeMare, Tulane University


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