The PRC History Review

The PRC History Review

Volume 2  Number 3  June 2017
PRC History Roundtable
China from Without: Doing PRC History in Foreign Archives.



Editorial Introduction

Arunabh Ghosh & Sören Urbansky

Chinese Lanterns at Leipzig: Looking into Local Archives of the Former German Democratic Republic

Jennifer A. Altehenger, King’s College London

India and Science and Technology in the Early PRC

Arunabh Ghosh, Harvard University

PRC-Mexican Relations and Chinese Mexican History: Opportunities, Limitations and Challenges

Fredy González, University of Colorado Boulder

Researching the China-East Africa Cold War Relationship: Archives, Institutions and Personal Collections

Jamie Monson,  Michigan State University

Diplomacy of Shunters: The Sino-Soviet Split Seen from a Provincial Archive in Russia

Sören Urbansky, Cambridge University

“China Learns from Eastern Germany?” A Glimpse from the Berlin Archives

Nicolai Volland, Pennsylvania State University

Archival Materials Related to Chinese American Scientists and Modern China

Zuoyue Wang (王作跃), California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Researching PRC History in the National Archives of Algeria and Morocco

Dongxin Zou, Columbia University

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