The PRC History Review


The PRC History Review

Volume 4  Number 2  August 2019
Special Issue
Teaching the PRC



Editorial Introduction

Brian DeMare, Tulane University and Covell Meyskens, Naval Postgraduate School

Why Mao? Why Now? A Brief Essay on Pedagogy and Possibility

Rebecca E. Karl, New York University

On the Value of Philological Methods in Teaching PRC History

Marc Matten, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

Teaching the Everyday: Socialist Culture as Lived Experience in the Classroom

Emily Wilcox, University of Michigan

On Learning to Resist Verdicts and Disappearances: Teaching about Gender in Mao’s China

Gail Hershatter, University of California Santa Cruz

It Takes a Village: Land Reform in the Classroom

Brian DeMare, Tulane University

Bringing the Cold War into Teaching on Mao’s China

Covell Meyskens, Naval Postgraduate School

Teaching Mass Movements in the PRC, with Special Reference to Mao’s Great Leap Forward Campaign, 1958-1962

Ralph Thaxton, Brandeis University

What Do You Do with Cultural “Propaganda” of the Mao Era?

Kirk A. Denton, Ohio State University

Teaching China’s Cultural Revolution

Denise Y. Ho, Yale University

Understanding the Cultural Revolution through Documents of Life

Guobin Yang, University of Pennsylvania

High Stakes: Teaching Tiananmen to Chinese Students in Canada

Jeremy Brown, Simon Fraser University

But What Did It Look Like?

Stefan Landsberger, Leiden University

Teaching Chinese Politics in Comparative Perspective

Elizabeth Perry, Harvard University

PRC History in Sociology Instruction: Challenges and Opportunities

Eddy U, University of California, Davis

Love and Passion: Teaching the PRC History in China Today

Sun Peidong, Fudan University

Talking China: Podcasting and Pedagogy on Sinica

Kaiser Kuo, SupChina