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The History of Past Events

Past Events (《往事》) is an electronic not-for-profit journal launched in September 2004. Like Remembrance and Yesterday it publishes mainly (but far from exclusively) writings on China’s Cultural Revolution. – reminiscences, critiques, case studies, longer and shorter pieces, some by famous figures others by not so well-known writers. The driving force behind Past Events has for over a decade been Li Yufeng (李宇锋), an energetic wheelchair-bound businessman, promoter of historical scholarship and much respected affiliate of the community of Cultural Revolution historians. In the second half of the noughties, Li more than once helped organize informal mini-conferences in Beijing devoted, for example, to critiquing a recently published book or debating a controversial trend in scholarship. Some of the minutes from, and papers presented at, those very lively gatherings subsequently appeared in Past Events and other Chinese “under-the-radar” electronic journals. (See for example Past Events issue No. 101 below in which Chinese historians engage critically with Mao’s Last Revolution by Roderick MacFarquhar and Michael Schoenhals.)

The scholarly aim of Past Events is spelled out in a programmatic statement in issue No. 1, jointly signed by Li and historians 郑仲兵 (formerly with the CCP Central Propaganda Department) and 田晓青. It reads as follows:


The current (winter 2015) publication status of Past Events is not entirely clear, but when new issues appear, they will be posted here in the PRC History Group’s Electronic Journals Archive. The altogether 128 issues that appeared between 2004 and 2014 are available in PDF-format below.


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