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参考消息, 1957-1992, full text, organized chronologically by year/month/date, courtesy of

党的历史文献集和当代文献集, document collections, full text, courtesy of People’s Daily

《毛泽东论调查研究》 (Mao Zedong on Investigation and Research), a 64-page document circulated by the CCP Central Committee General Office in April 1961 as Central Document Zhongfa [61] No. 261, full translation into English, courtesy of Michael Schoenhals, Lund University

– 《人民日报》 1946-2003 People’s Daily, full text.

摘译 (Selected Translations) Database, 1973-1976 journal, internally published by the Shanghai People’s Press,  documenting “social and political developments and conflicts in the Soviet Union, the US, and Japan through translations, synopses, criticism and news summaries of works of fiction, film, theater, and poetry,” complete run and searchable full text, courtesy of The Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University [registration required]

 中华人民共和国国务院公报, 1954-1999 bulletins, full text, courtesy of the PRC Central Government   

中共国史料, 1957-1977 historical documents, transcribed and annotated, with images of original texts

《中国档案》期刊, 1989-2013 issues, general catalog and table of contents, the official organ of the PRC State Archives Administration  

中国改革信息库, digital archive, database, and collection of Reform Era-related historical documents, courtesy of China Institute of Reform and Development

China Law Translate, collaborative translation of legal documents

China Media Law Database, English translations of important media policy laws and regulations, courtesy of Rogier Creemers, Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, University of Oxford

– Chinese Digital Archive 1966-1976, courtesy of Australian National University

The Chinese Foreign Policy Database, 1000s of documents from Chinese and international archives, courtesy of the Wilson Center Digital Archive

Chinese Pamphlets, political communication and mass education, courtesy of the Center for Research Libraries

Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS), archive of Internet resources relevant to Chinese Studies, with emphasis on social and political discourse on the Chinese Internet, courtesy of the East Asian Library at Heidelberg University

Digital Archive: International History Declassified, once-secret documents from governments around the world, collects research of Wilson Center programs on the Cold War, Korea, and nuclear proliferation, courtesy of the Wilson Center

Digital Collections of Sources for Chinese Studies, courtesy of FOREAST: The Internet East Asian Library

– Electronic Briefing Books, declassified records, includes China and East Asia, courtesy of The National Security Archive, The George Washington University

Forgotten Archipelago: Documents and Resources on China’s Criminal Justice, virtual repository of documents on criminal justice and politics in China, legal documents of the Chinese Communist Party, lists, links, and intellectual free zone, courtesy of Flora Sapio, Centre on China in the World, Australian National University

Important Writings in the History and Development of Chinese Communism, English translations of speeches, party congress documents, and more, courtesy of the Marxists Internet Archive  

Lian Huan Hua (连环画) Collection, courtesy of Asia Collection, Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Maoist Legacy Database: an open-access archive containing thousands of items related to the research focus – the late Mao era and post-Mao transition, in particular related to: the CCP’s standards, institutions, and processes of administrating historical justice; regional variances in implementing these policies between center and periphery; and the impact of the reversal of verdicts on social stability and CCP rule. While most documents are from the Cultural Revolution period to the 1980s, coverage spans the late 1940s to the 1990s. The documents have mostly been taken from party and state guidelines on how to deal with “lingering historical issues” (lishi yiliu wenti). These official documents have been supplemented with internally circulated collections of model cases, oral history transcripts of interviews we conducted, and other relevant materials. A selection of key documents have been translated into English to ease comparative work for scholars with no background in China studies.

– Peking Review, 1958-2006 issues, many years complete and full text, courtesy of the Marxists Internet Archive


– 寒区旱区科学数据中心, mapping and analysis of water and other resources, databases, courtesy of WestDC Scientific Data Center

China Hydrology Data Project, data tables, bibliography, courtesy of University of Washington

– Greater Mekong Subregion Core Environment Program, maps, statistics, tools, courtesy of GMS Environment Operations Center

Virtual Information Center for Amur River Region (VICARR), maps, cartographic data, courtesy of World Wildlife Fund

– Yellow River Basin Geographical Information Center

– Yellow River Basin Study, data, courtesy of World Resources Institute


China 1850-1950: An Interactive Resource, more than 8,000 digitised photographs, courtesy of the Visualising China project, Department of Historical Studies, University of Bristol)

China 1974-76, over 400 slides, courtesy of Michael Rank

China in Kodachrome, 1973-1980, images by French photographer Bruno Barbey, courtesy of Magnum Photos

China Pictorial, 1966-1977 issues, reproductions of covers and some pages for approximately 20 issues, courtesy of International Center of Photography

– Chinese Posters – Propaganda, Politics, History, Art , gallery of 200 posters, artists database, resources, and more, courtesy of the International Institute of Social History and Stefan R. Landsberger, University of Amsterdam and Leiden University

Everyday Life in Mao’s China, photos and paintings of everyday life in China from the 1930s to the 1980s, including some images of documents and maps, courtesy of Covell Meyskens, Naval Postgraduate School

Faces of Tientsin, 1946: Photographs by Harold Giedt

Haldore Hanson’s China Collection, 1937-1938

– Historical Photographs of China, courtesy of Robert Bickers, University of Bristol

– Joseph Needham Photographs – Wartime China, 1942-1946 , around 1,000 photographs, courtesy of the Needham Research Institute

Photography of China, collection of photographs, includes sections on Mao Era and Post-Mao Period, courtesy of Marine Cabos

Propaganda Posters, 432 posters, courtesy of the National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library, The Royal Library

– Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images, visual archive, includes numerous galleries on historical and contemporary China, courtesy of Thomas H. Hahn

– Useful Links, links to images of historical and contemporary China, East Asia, and the world, courtesy of Robert Bickers, Visualising China Blog, University of Bristol


党史百科, over 2,000 entries on the history of the Chinese Communist Party, courtesy of People’s Daily

Assignment China, multipart documentary series on American reporting in China since the 1940s, courtesy of Mike Chinoy and the USC US-China Institute

The China Boom Project, multimedia research, public education, and oral history, pre-1978 to 2000s, courtesy of Asia Society


中國研究外國學者漢名 (updated), concordance of Chinese/non-Chinese names of well-known Sinologists and China specialists from all over the world

中央人民政府委员会34次会议回眸, detailed overview of all 34 meetings of the Central People’s Government Committee, October 1, 1949 to September 27, 1955

China Vitae, resource of biographical information on more than 50,000 Chinese leaders past and present

A Glossary of Shanghai Company Names in Chinese and English, companies active in Shanghai prior to 1949, courtesy of Christian Henriot, Virtual Shanghai projec


地方文革史交流网, Cultural Revolution research, documents, oral histories, and more, organized by locality (region, province) and fully searchable

华东师范大学中国当代史研究中心 (The Center for the Study of PRC History), researcher biographies, academic announcements, publications, resources, and statements concerning scholarly exchange

– 中国文革研究网, Cultural Revolution research, documents, oral histories, and more

“Beijing Spring” – Memories of the Chinese Democracy Movement 1978-1981, photos of the Democracy Movement, documents related to the Democracy Movement, other sources and literature (includes interviews), courtesy of Dr. Helmut Opletal, University of Vienna

Charles Kraus, Historian, blog featuring announcements, archival reports, publications, and research related to the history of modern Asia and People’s Republic of China, courtesy of Charles Kraus, The George Washington University

The China Archive, demographic, geospatial, and political/social/economic data on China and China-U.S. relations, courtesy of Texas A&M University

– China Mission History: Digital Archive

Chinese Film Festival Studies Research Network, research network of scholars working on film festivals in Chinese-language territories and cultures

Cold War International History Project, digital archives, publications, multimedia, and more, courtesy of The Wilson Center

Dissertation Reviews, China, recent dissertations, archival reviews, and essays, courtesy of Dissertation Reviews editors

FamineWeb – Comparative History of Famines, supports research and teaching related to famines in world history, courtesy of The University of Melbourne

Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China, international professional organization for modern Chinese studies, affiliated with the Association for Asian Studies and the American Historical Association

History, Ethics and Faith in China, “this is a blog about the changing status of history in China today,” edited by Prof. Dr. Axel Schneider, University of Göttingen.

– International Institute of Social History, conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations (site includes extensive online publications and archival collections)

International Society for Chinese Law & History,  society for scholarly exchange and study of Chinese law and society from historical and comparative perspectives, organizes workshops and conferences, and promotes publications of members (blog includes Chinese Legal Documents Series).

MCLC Resource CenterModern Chinese Literature and Culture journal, book reviews, web publications, MCLC list, and bibliographies, courtesy of Kirk Denton, The Ohio State University

Resources for Historical Resources on the People’s Republic of China, PRC history research resources wiki, courtesy of Amanda Shuman

– Virtual Cities Project: BeijingHankouSaigonShanghaiSuzhouTianjin, courtesy of Christian Henriot, Institut d’Asie Orientale, University of Lyon and Institut Universitaire de France


国家地球系统科学数据共享平台, downloadable data

Beijing City Lab

China Data Online (China Geo-Explorer Online II), China Data Center, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

China Digitized Gazetteers, links to national publications (yearbooks, yearly statistics, Communist Party history) and gazetteers, almanacs, and other materials organized by city/province/autonomous region, including data down to city, township, and county level, courtesy of Covell Meyskens, University of Chicago

China Dimensions, socioeconomic data, including GIS databases covering the administrative regions of China, courtesy of Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center, NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information Systems

China Historical GIS (CHGIS), gazetteer search engine, list of free datasets, and Skinner Map Collection, courtesy of Harvard University and Fudan University

China in Time and Space, databases of spatially and temporally referenced data on China, courtesy of University of Washington

Chinese Population Geographic Information System, Fudan University

Religious Atlas of China and Himalaya

University of Toronto Map & Data Library, China

WorldMap (ChinaMap), platform for exploring, visualizing, editing, and publishing geospatial information, developed by the Center for Geographic Analysis,  Harvard University

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