Electronic Journals Archive

The PRC History Group is proud to distribute and archive several Chinese-language electronic journals.  We are also excited to provide the full archive of the English-language CCP Research Newsletter, published from 1988-1992.

Use the links below to read current issues and browse journal archives

CCP Research Newsletter, edited by Timothy Cheek, published and assessed neibu (classified, internal CCP) materials.

Remembrance, edited by Wu Di, publishes academic research, especially related to the Cultural Revolution.


Yesterday, edited by He Shu (former co-editor of Remembrance with Wu Di), publishes academic research and resources, especially related to the Cultural Revolution.

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Night Rains on Mount Ba, edited by a group of so-called Rightists and their children, publishes an eclectic collection of memoirs, archival documents, excerpts from diaries and letters, poetry, and more.

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Past Events, edited by Li Yufeng and others, publishes writings mainly (but not exclusively) on China’s Cultural Revolution.

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